Idénergie will Provide Ten River Turbines to Parks Canada - By : Emmanuelle Kenol,

Idénergie will Provide Ten River Turbines to Parks Canada


In 2013, we introduced you to Idénergie and its river turbine. The small company has come a long way since.


In spring 2016, Idénergie, a company formed at the Centre de l’entrepreneurship technologique (Centech) will begin installation of ten river turbines in the Canadian Rockies and afterward, it will ensure their monitoring. The project is part of a two to five-year rehabilitation plan, by Parks Canada, for the development of easements on several sites with the use of clean energy.

The first exploratory visit took place in late October 2015, to evaluate potential installation sites by Idénergie experts. This visit also served as an opportunity to present the operation of the turbine to the Parks Canada staff, in order to help them become familiar with the technology, including its installation and maintenance.

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The River Turbine, a Product Selected by the BCIP

This contract was signed through the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). In December 2014, Idénergie distinguished itself by receiving numerous awards for its innovation, and by being selected by the BCIP. The goal of the BCIP is to foster innovation in the Canadian industry; the organization helps companies bridge the gap between the last stages of research and development, and the marketing activities. Through development and testing innovative products and services before they are brought to market, the BCIP helps entrepreneurs demonstrate the effectiveness of their innovation and launch a successful application of their new services or technologies.

An innovative product

The development of the river turbine presented several challenges. The generator and the turbine had be operated to maximize efficiency within compatible nominal operating ranges. Also, the turbine had to operate under water for a period of ten years and withstand water forces. Even with the help of modern simulation tools, it was complex to comply with all of these constraints. No existing module on the market could be used to maximize efficiency. Idénergie has risen to the challenge.


river turbineA new range of products from Idénergie

Idénergie seeks to diversify its product range and allow the use of different available energy sources (solar, wind, etc.) on a single site. The team develops new converters with output powers superior to the products commercially available to meet its customers’ needs.

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