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A Lot of Research in Construction Engineering!

Construction engineering

Research in Construction Engineering

A lot of research is being done in construction engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montréal, as demonstrated by Table 1 below. Professors Michel Baraër and Marie-José Nollet, with the support of the department director, Professor Gabriel Lefebvre, decided to organize activities to promote construction research in order to achieve three objectives:

  1. To showcase research conducted by the construction engineering students and professors of ÉTS knowing that the various research areas of the department are not well known in the scientific and ÉTS communities;
  2. To allow graduate students in the Construction Engineering Department who have not yet chosen their research topic to explore areas of interest and find a Director. The organizers also invited students with strong academic records who are at the end of a Bachelor’s degree to participate in these events;
  3. To allow construction engineering professors to get to know the research of other professors in the department with a view to developing new synergies. In keeping with this approach of research promotion, professors in the department decided to apply to the Canadian Innovation Fund to create a new geophysics laboratory that will involve several professors in the department in joint research projects.

Table 1 : main research areas, professors and research themes in the Construction Engineering Department


Two events took place on October 20, 2016, to highlight research being done in construction engineering:

  • A poster session where professors and students presented 56 posters illustrating the variety of construction engineering research topics. This poster session was held in Hall A of ÉTS during lunch time;
  • A seminar popularizing the research work of 12 Ph.D. students who had completed their doctoral exam. This seminar followed the poster session, in the afternoon.

Science Outreach Seminar

It was the first time that an organizing committee of the Construction Engineering Department offered its Ph.D. students the opportunity to participate in a science outreach seminar. Students could present a research paper, their thesis, or part of it. The 8-minute presentations were evaluated by professors Jean-Sébastien Dubé, Fausto Errico and Wahid Maref.


Titles of the presentation made by the students can be found below:

Authors  Titles of the présentation/ Research document type  Director / co-directors or co-authors
1. Apparao Gandi Evaluation of Cold Recycled Bituminous Mixes in Function of Stiffness Director: Alan Carter
2. Martin Michaud Cas d’étude : Diminution du Gaspillage dans les Flux d’Information avec l’Augmentation de la Standardisation en Construction (thesis)  Director: Daniel Forgues,                                                               Co-director: Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon
3. Pierre-Luc Hot Développement d’approches de calage efficaces pour les modèles hydrologiques coûteux en temps de calcul
4. Jean-Luc Martel Domination de la variété naturelle du climat sur la tendance des changements climatiques pour les précipitations extrêmes (research article) Co-authors: Alain Mailhot, François Brissette and Daniel Caya
5. Azarm Farzam Évaluation de la susceptibilité aux effets de sites pour la région des basses-terres du Saint-Laurent à l’aide d’un système d’information géographique (SIG) (thesis) Director: Danielle Monfet                              Co-director: Daniel Forgues
6. Christiane Papineau  Les compétences essentielles du gestionnaire de projets de construction (thesis)
7. Pouyan Pirnia  Development of a Multiscale Numerical Modelling Tool for Granular Materials (thesis)  Director:François Duhaime                             Co-director: Yannick Éthier
8. Jean-François Belleau  Étude paramétrique de la réponse non linéaire des ponts sous charges sismiques (thesis)  Director: Marie-José Nollet                                      Co-director: Amar Khaled
9. Aida Farzaneh  Development of a New Effective BIM-Based Energy Simulation Framework (thesis)  Director: Danielle Monfet                              Co-director: Daniel Forgues
10. Anna Chesnokova  Multi-Scale Assessment of Environmental Changes Impacts on Sub-Artic Glacierized Watersheds Hydrology (thesis)  Director: Michel Baraër
11. Éric Lachance-Tremblay  Durabilité des enrobés bitumineux avec granulats de verre recyclé (thesis)  Director: Daniel Perraton                              Co-directors: Michel Vaillancourt and Hervé Di Benedetto
12. Niloofar Shoari Significance of Non-Detected Concentrations in Environmental Investigations (thesis) Director: Jean-Sébastien Dubé

The top three entries were eligible for a fellowship from the Construction Engineering Department. The first prize was awarded to Pierre-Luc Huot, the second to Jean-Luc Martel and the third prize went to Azarm Farzam.


From left to right: Professor Gabriel Lefebvre, Director of the Construction Engineering Department, Professors Marie-José Nollet and Michel Baraer, organizers of the event, Ph.D. students Azarm Farzam, Pierre-Luc Huot and Jean-Luc Martel, and the professors who conducted the assessment process, Wahid Maref Fausto Errico and Jean-Sébastien Dubé.

Congratulations to all the participants!

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