Dance Enhanced by Interactive Digital Projection - By : Substance,

Dance Enhanced by Interactive Digital Projection

The Pixel dance show is the encounter between Adrien Mondot, a former computer scientist, Claire Bardainne, a specialist in digital arts and Mourad Merzouki, a French dancer and choreographer. Between technical prowess and visual illusions, dance and digital technology blend to offer an amazing performance!

This collaboration breathes life and poetry in new technologies. This might inspire future engineers and open doors to something new!

This show was made possible thanks to the interactivity of eMotion software and the choreographer experience. The eMotion software (for electronic motion, electronic movement) is an application that explores interactions between graphical objects and real word information. The app allows you to define a graphic world composed of objects in the shape of points, lines, images, videos, and to define the way you will interact with them.

According to the application website:

“All images are thus generated, calculated and projected live, in order to create a sensory synthesis, a tangible reality on stage, defined by a key principle in the digital programming: focusing on the inner energy that causes objects to move, rather than on their actual movement patterns.
Thereby, maths and digital technology become possible tools for poetic composition. Deviating from their original use, they allow us to create novel sensory, although synthetic, spaces”.

A good example that leads us to believe that digital projection can become a tool to create and evolve the world of dance.


01-PIXEL HD -®Laurent Philippe

Pixel danse et numérique

03-PIXEL HD -®Laurent Philippe


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