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Digital Cow 2.0, the Precursor of Digital Man?

What is a digital cow 2.0?

No, a digital cow is not a robotic cow as these robots developed for DARPA used to transport military equipment, robots that look like cows without head:

A Digital cow 2.0 is a dairy cow with sensors which, according to Errol Duchaine, a journalist with Radio-Canada, “could inform us in real time of his health, his well-being, stress, infections that could developed, performing all this, to release the farmer. ” There are currently 30,000 digital cows in the world, living in an environment of robots, sensors, cameras and microchips. The cost of this system represents an investment of approximately $ 300,000 for an average farm.

The robotic system is used to milk the cows autonomously (video above) or under supervision (video below):

To follow the progress of its health, the sensors are located within the body (swallowed), attached to one ear, neck or on one of its legs. Pedometers are used to analyze its movements and type of move made (lay down, walk, etc.). According to Joop Lensik and Helen Lerustre, a healthy cow sleeps about 12 hours a day through several naps. The pedometer track their sleep to ensure that it does not stress and does not develop health problems. These essential vital signs are constantly monitored: heart condition, blood test, temperature, etc.

Data from the sensors are analyzed with algorithms advising the farmer (and his veterinary)about the cows health status,  stress, movements, if they ruminate well, sleep enough, etc. Sensors and robots will allow the farmer to be release from its repetitive tasks and reduce labor requirements.

Un robot pour traire le lait des vaches de façon autonome.

A robot to milk the cows autonomously.

Digital cow is now part of BigData providing an impressive amount of analyzed data in real time to ensure that it remains productive from the point of view of the quantity and the quality of the milk, and remains healthy. In fact, these data speak for the digital cow.

wearable devices

From the humans perspective, we have allready a high number of sensors in our digital watches, smart clothing and smartphones to monitor our health, heart rate, movement, sleep, such as the digital cow. The day is not far when your doctor will suggest you to swallow a sensor to better monitor your health. Do you really think that you will not swallow it?


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