2017 IEEE Summer School on Nanotechnology

The aim of the school is to provide graduate students and early career researchers in nanotechnology a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts that underpin the properties of nanomaterials, the opportunities afforded by advanced characterization tools and the prospects of nanoscale devices. Our lectures will be structured so as to impart a broad set of concepts, starting from the design of nanomaterials, their synthesis using various approaches, the characterization of their structure and properties, their integration into devices and device testing and optimization.


The N3 School is designed to appeal to senior undergraduates; graduate students; post-docs; and researchers and practitioners at the early stages of their careers who are eager to deepen and broaden their skills in nanotechnology ranging from nanoscale synthesis to characterization to device fabrication and testing.

When: June 26-30, 2017

Where: Polytechnique Montreal, École de technologie supérieure, INRS EMT Center and Mc Gill University

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