Fatbike: For Snow, Sand, Mud and Every Impossible Trail! - By : Substance,

Fatbike: For Snow, Sand, Mud and Every Impossible Trail!

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You would ride your bike in winter but think it is too risky? Maybe you should try a Fatbike!

Such a simple innovation to solve a big problem: run a bike safely on hazardeous surfaces, but first, a bit of history. The fatbike was created in 1987 by Simon Rakower of All-Weather Sports in Fairbanks, Alaska, for the Iditasport race, the original ultra human-power race. In 2017, this race will challenge competitors with three races in Alaska:

  1. 100 km (62 miles),
  2. 160 km (100 miles),
  3. or 320 km (200 miles).

Every person who completes the  200 miles race will receive a commemorative IditaSport Ulu trophy engraved fatbikewith their name & finish time. Well, for those who will survive…



How a bike could race on February in Alaska? With very large rims to accomodate very large tires! In fact, tires that could be up to 5 inches wide (12,7 cm).


fatbikeBut, was it really Simon Rakower who invented those amazing bikes? The following drawing was made before 1932. A thing for sure, with that kind of bike, you could enjoy a safe ride with your dog in winter time.

Or on a beach during summer…

If that bike can ride on Alaska trails, you should be fine riding in a city during winter…




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