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First Prefab House That Produces More Energy Than it Consumes!

australie-maison-prefab-energie-positive-04The Australian firm ArchiBlox offers the first carbon-positive prefab, which is capable of producing more energy than it consumes. To obtain such energy performance, Archiblox has included a variety of sustainability features, including a green roof, a photovoltaic systems and a solar water heater. The house features large windows that trap sunlight and warmth during the winter. In the summer, sliding walls of vertical planters provide shade. For ventilation, in-ground tubes pull cool air through the house from the south side and an airtight building envelop naturally insulate the structure.


These prefabricated houses have contemporary minimalist styles which provide a pleasant living atmosphere.


australie-maison-prefab-energie-positive-11Moreover, these houses are built entirely with non-toxic materials and wood from certified sustainable forests.


This little truly innovative home is currently on display in Melbourne (Australia). It should issue 1000 times less CO2 than an average Australian home. However, designers admit that to be fully effective it must be installed in a sunny area.


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