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HitchBOT : A hitchhiking robot across Canada

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Yes, this is possible, a robot named HitchBOT crossed Canada hitchhiking!

It left Halifax, Nova Scotia, to go to Victoria, British Columbia. Its journey ended on August 21 after a long journey of 6,000 kilometers (3728 miles) within one month.

To make its journey, given its inability to move alone, HitchBOT has a functional arm that allows him to hitchhiking. The researchers behind this project placed HitchBOT destiny entirely in the hands of humans. Drivers carried HitchBOT over 6,000 kilometers (3728 miles) away and also powered him by the cigarette lighter plug in order to converse with him.

HitchBOT collected wide data during the journey. Researchers will now analyze them to share the findings on relationship between humans and robots or technology, on concepts such as security and trust.

Great initiative from professors David Smith (McMaster University) and Frauke Zeller (Ryerson University).

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