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Instant Articles: Facebook Last Revolution

Still aiming to renew users’ experience on its mobile platform, Facebook unveiled its latest feature “Instant Articles” on May 13th, 2015. This allows to view publishers’ contents – press articles, interactive maps, audio and video contents – directly loaded on the Californian giant social media’s page. No more waiting for the publisher website to be updated, as Facebook assures that you can access content 10 times faster than before!

It may be a great deal for both sides. By hosting content, Facebook ensures to keep its users longer on its own platform. And publishers can benefit from better notoriety, and can still keep an eye on advertising – if they wish to – and ads-related costs on their shared content.

For now Facebook has an agreement with 10 Medias worldwide: The New York Times, National Geographic, the Atlantic, Buzzfeed, NBC in the USA, Spiegel and Bild in Germany, and The Guardian and BBC in the United Kingdom. More publishers should logically join this innovative process within the following months.

This is quite a revolution, considering that it directly impacts traditional medias’ ways of publishing. They possibly might notice a reduction in their direct page views and eventually lose control of their audience’s data. However they will access a much massive readership on mobile. They will definitely need to maintain original and high-standard contents and use wisely Facebook advertising policy. What do you think?

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