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Publish a 200 words scientific paper!

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Publishing a Scientific Paper

You are a student, a researcher or a professor with one or more research ideas. You would possibly publish a scientific paper in a recognized scientific journal that will allow you to be cited, but hey, let’s face it, it’s complicated. Time passes, research advances but the scientific paper has not yet been submitted: Finding the good journal, the right time to submit the article that, depending on the journal, does not have the same requirement regarding the number of pages, the layout and the referencing. In some cases, you will need to submit reviewers names that you must contact and convince to accept this responsibility. If the scientific paper is for a conference, you will need to register and, very often, PAY to be published without really know if you are published and if so, whether you can be cited.

The Journal of Brief Ideas

Why not start by publishing one of your many ideas in a “new kind” of a scientific journal that will allow you to be quoted? The format is not complicated, no literature reviews to do, methodology to develop, experiment and conclusion: The content must not exceed 200 WORDS (you read it right), and you published a scientific paper in a journal. That is not complicated!

The Journal of Brief Ideas is an online journal that began to publish (in beta format) in February 2015. Co-founded by David Harris, a physicist and Arfon Smith, a scientist, this journal is for them complementary to a traditional scientific journal whose scientific paper will be peer reviewed. The Journal of Brief Ideas can expose an idea to the scientific community to make it known, to recognize that you are the author, and generate possible scientific collaborations.

This journal works with a post-production review: Readers are asked to evaluate your idea for which a vote will be awarded. This voting system allows getting an idea of the quality of the scientific papers.


As explained in The Journal of Brief Ideas website :

“Copyright on any brief idea published in The Journal of Brief Ideas is retained by the author(s). Authors grant The Journal of Brief Ideas a license to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher. Authors also grant any third party the right to use the article freely as long as its original authors, citation details, and publisher are identified. The Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) allows users to copy, distribute and transmit an article, adapt the article and make commercial use of the article. The CC BY license permits commercial and non-commercial re-use of an open access article, as long as the author is properly attributed.”  (From The Journal of Brief Ideas website, consulted March, 4th, 2015).


If you have an idea for which you consider the possibility of a patent, The Journal of Brief Ideas is possibly not the platform for you. Researchers have several ideas that they can not make at the same time. Why not try it by submitting an idea to be published in this scientific journal? Is this not the wish of every researcher to be published?

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