Second Edition of the ÉTS Summer School on Technological Innovation and Design in 2016! - By : Louis Coté,

Second Edition of the ÉTS Summer School on Technological Innovation and Design in 2016!

Louis Coté
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Louis Côté is a strategical adviser at ÉTS


Following the success of the first edition of its Summer School on Innovation and Technological Design, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal is pleased to announce and promote the second edition which will take place from June 30th to July 29th, 2016. From ideation to innovation through prototyping, participants will learn and apply their new skills to seek a solution to challenges proposed by companies.


What is the ÉTS Summer School?

It is a three credit engineering university course. From the creative process in which the best ideas are brought to maturity, to rapid prototyping and 3D up to the innovation process, the students evolve in a multidisciplinary and intercultural context. The program brings students as far as possible in the innovation process. The school begins with an international challenge called “The 24 hours of innovation” that will be in its 10th edition. During this competition students enrolled in the Summer School will have 24 consecutive hours to find a solution to a challenge proposed by a company. The “24 hours of innovation competition” is played by more than 2,500 participants from around the world and the next edition will take place on May 24th and 25th, 2016. The winners will share a $ 10,000 grant. This competition can be played at ÉTS or at the students’ university campus.


The winning team of the 2015 edition of “the 24 hours of the innovation” came from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina.

After the 24 hours of innovation competition (May 24th and 25th, 2016), students admitted to the Summer School will join us in Montreal (July 2016) to pursue their work on their innovative approach. They will acquire, develop and implement new skills on ideation, design thinking and innovation processes, teamwork, “fast” prototyping methods and business plans, in order to present at the end of the course, a solution close to an innovation. During the course, leaders in large companies and successful entrepreneurs present and discuss their innovation experiences.


In addition to the training program, many social and cultural activities will be organized in the evenings and on weekends to allow students to get to know each other better while discovering the cities of Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa.

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Origin of students

In 2015, our students came from 10 countries and all continents. Next year’s Summer School will be offered to international students who are about to begin the final year of their undergraduate program and to graduate students (Masters and PhD).


Registration will begin soon: places are limited

Louis Coté

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Louis Côté is a strategical adviser at ÉTS

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