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The ÉTS Effect: Making ETS the favourite school of women in engineering

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The École de technologie supérieure is launching a new institutional strategy to make ÉTS the preferred school for women in engineering and increase their numbers among its ranks. The goal of The ÉTS Effect is to reach a female population of 30 percent by 2030, at the bachelor’s and graduate levels, the same proportion as Engineers Canada. Increasing the number of female professors and executives is also a focal point of this initiative, which aims to give female students actual role models to lead the way.

On Thursday, March 8, the objectives of this new initiative will be presented to members of the ÉTS community. On this occasion, members of ÉTS management will take the floor, and a discussion panel including ÉTS female professors, lecturers, students and professionals will discuss the theme “Making ETS the favourite school of women in engineering.”

This event will raise awareness in the community about ÉTS activities and projects put forward to increase its female population in the hope that The ÉTS Effect will have an upstream-downstream impact on the career of many female engineers, and contribute to Quebec’s economic development.

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