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UAVs to deliver pizza in Russia?

The header is a composition of the author based on pictures from David Rodriguez Martin (drone), CC licence, source, and British Mum (pizza), CC licence, source.

That’s it! It is done. A drone that delivers something to someone who has commanded it. Finally, but is this really the case? In a previous article, we saw that drones could eventually deliver packages from the Amazon company.

drone amazon1

And then there has been demonstrations of drones delivering burritos, beers and sushis. But then these were just projects.

Dodo Pizza, a pizzeria chain located in Syktyvkar, a city of 240,000 inhabitants located 1,oo5 km north-east of Moscow, is seeking to develop a pizza delivery service using UAVs. They delivered a first pizza on the weekend of the 21st of June, 2014And 6 others from a rumored underway.

dodo pizza

The manager of the chain hope to offer this Hi-tech” delivery service in 18 other Russian cities. We do not know the laws regarding UAVs usage in Russia, but we believe that safety can be high in this region of the globe. According to the head of this chain of restaurants, you must have carefully planned route of flight, the point of delivery and obtain a preapproval from authorities prior doing any delivery

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